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Sr. Dorota Chwiła FMA — Salesian, PhD student of the Doctoral School at the The John Paul II (The Second) Catholic University of Lublin, Poland (biblical sciences). She is interested in the Gospel of John, biblical languages, and Targumic literature. She is also involved in activities with children and youth at the Oratory-Youth Center of the Salesian Sisters in Lublin, Poland.

Fr. Marcin Krzysztofoszek SAC – Pallottine, working in the parish of St. Vincent Pallotti in Kielce, Poland. He publishes posts under the nick Tabennesi, which is a reference to the place where the monks of St. Pachomius lived, because according to St. Pachomius Rules: “And there will be no one in the monastery who would not know how to read and would not know by heart at least a part of the Holy Scriptures, at least the New Testament and the Psalter (Commandments 140).”

Fr. Paweł Pruszyński SAC – Pallottine, the vicar, currently lives and works in the Pallottine parish of St. Vincent Pallotti in Rome, Italy.

Sr. Barbara Rzepka – nun and biblical scholar belongs to the Camaldolese monastic community in Italy and is a graduate of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome. She currently lives in a hermitage in Contra, near Camaldoli, in Tuscany, Italy. She develops her fascination with Sacred Scripture through the exegesis of the biblical text, lectures on Sacred Scripture and biblical Hebrew, and on the way of the daily, monastic Lectio Divina.

Fr. Kazimierz Stasiak SAC – Pallottine, retreat giver, spiritual director. He lives in the SAC House in Święta Katarzyna near Kielce, Poland. He conducts spiritual retreats, weekends, and days of recollection with the Word of God in the rhythm of Lectio Divina. He collaborates with the Center for Spiritual Formation in Trzebinia and Cracow, Poland, run by the Salvatorian Fathers, and with the Dzieło Biblijne in the Archdiocese of Poznań, Poland. He is an originator and moderator of this website.

Fr. Wojciech Winek SAC – Pallottine, a biologist and chemist, chaplain of a correctional facility, and teacher in a technical school. He works in the parish of St. Adalbert in Ostrołęka, Poland. He is fascinated by the person and comments of Origen. He publishes posts under the nick bblacha450.