The website is the result of four weekends of contemplative praying using the Lectio Divina technique which incorporates reading (Lectio), meditation (Meditatio), prayer (Oratio), and contemplation (Contemplatio). All four sessions were held at the Pallottine Monastery in Karczówka, located in Kielce city. The contemplative praying was based on the Rosary Mysteries of Light. The third Mystery: the proclamation of the Kingdom of God is undertaken through daily meditation based on selected Word from the Gospel of the day. 

These words of St. John of the Cross, taken from his work “Ascent of Mount Carmel”, form a basic theme for daily meditation: 

But now that the faith is founded in Christ, and in this era of grace, the law of the Gospel has been made manifest, there is no reason to enquire of Him in that manner, nor for Him to speak or to answer as He did then. For, in giving us, as He did, His Son, which is His Word — and He has no other — He spoke to us all together, once and for all, in this single Word, and He has no occasion to speak further.”

Ascent of Mount Carmel (Subida del Monte Carmelo)